I am sorry, but I have not a time to make new design in Eglish and German, and many photos are available only in czech version, but I will speak with you, so I access the Czech discussion. If you want to see more photos, check the Czech version. New English version will be available maybe on Autumn.

Now you have at one's command a discussion. At first you must go to the link "Registrace" and in "Login" enter your own name you want - but all with small letter!!!!! and in "Email" you email address, where will come the password.

After the password come, you can go into the "Login" a enter you name and into the "Password" enter you password , which you get. And now you could be in :-) In menu "Account" you can change your passord :

*heslo - it's actually password
heslo - it's your new password - you must enter both cell!!

NOTE - everything you must enter with small letter!

Now, you cann pass. I am pleased to meat you.